Rose Petals


The Rose Petals Program was developed to teach leadership development skills, build character, increase self-esteem and assist middle school girls, in reaching their maximum potential. The program will focus on leadership development, educational enrichment, civic engagement and character building. The major component of the program is building character. By the end of a student’s participation in the Rose Petals program, students will have stronger leadership skills, be more comfortable with public speaking, and begin developing the necessary skills to be successful as students and future adults.

The Rose Petals Program is open to female middle school students and provides monthly workshops include cultural and community service, character building, self-esteem and leadership development. 

Students are in grades 6th, 7th, or 8th during the current school year and must have a minimum of a C+ cumulative grade point average. 

Rose Petal Application

If you have any questions about the Rose Petals program, please send an email to