Program Overview

Members of Alpha Mu Omega Chapter ignite excitement to deliver impactful service programs for the betterment of communities in the areas of education, health, economics and environmental ownership. In 2016, current programming under the international program of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® (Launching New Dimensions of ServiceSM) will aid Alpha Mu Omega to significantly increase its reach and impact on more than 100,000 individuals and families throughout Indianapolis communities.

Target I: Educational Enrichment 

ASCEND Youth Enrichment ProgramSM (Signature Program) – ASCENDSM (Achievement, Self-Awareness, Communication, Engagement, Networking and Development Skills) is a program for male and female high school students age 13-18.  Students will focus on STEM learning activities and college/career exploration.

Think HBCUSM - This target focuses on building awareness of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students participating in educational programs of Alpha Mu Omega will be exposed to HBCU opportunities, academic scholarships, and STEM careers.

One Million BackpacksSM - Alpha Mu Omega will providing school supplies and backpacks to 5000 students and partner with community agencies and organizations to distribute 23,000 backpacks in 2016.  


Target II: Health Promotion 

Stroke and Heart Disease Awareness and Prevention – Partnering with the local American Heart Association, Alpha Mu Omega will present educational events, activities and movement opportunities (dance and exercise) focusing on the “Power to End Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease” and healthy living.
Mental Health – Through its dynamic partnership with the local National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI), Alpha Mu Omega Chapter will bring awareness to more than 10,000 individuals and families about mental health issues, particularly with African Americans, and seek to educate individuals and families in order to eradicate stigmas associated with mental illness.

Alzheimer's Disease - Heightening awareness, providing education and information on available resources to individuals and families facing the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s; also an emphasis on caregiver support and early identification will be provided.  

Target III: Family Strengthening 

Family Seasonal WrapsSM – Members of Alpha Mu Omega and “Stitching Sisters” will provide coats, gloves, socks and other items necessary for school, camp or other activities to over 14,000 children.

Childhood Hunger Initiatives – Partnering with local food banks, churches and not for profit agencies, the chapter will impact over 10,000 families with children making sure that children have meals in order to improve their performance in school and encourage healthy living.

Fiscal Responsibility Programs – Focuses on helping families to become more financially literate. The chapter will sponsor seminars and provide resources to individuals to enhance understanding and knowledge of budgeting income for family economic success.

Target IV: Environmental Impact 

Acts of Green ProgramSM  - Members will implement awareness campaigns for environmental and green conscious activities in the community as well as within the chapter.

1908 Playground ProjectSM - Enriching play spaces, community centers and small parks will allow children to engage in outdoor play and exercise. The committee will restore and refresh at least 4 city parks in 2016

Target V: Global Impact 

Will collaborate with ASCENDSM in order to build understanding of and heighten awareness to the United Nations Ambassador Program.